2009 Canadian Poker Expo

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Reach YOUR Target Audience and get your company in front of new poker enthusiasts - through a wide variety of both online and offline communication mediums such as the CPE website, regular monthly eblasts, one-on-one networking at the Expo, and through circulation of printed materials, publications, newsletters and more.

Boost your Brand & Increase Visibility
You receive prominent, ongoing exposure to a specific demographic who are interested in your product.

Increase your Value
CPE sponsorship has straightforward advantages – it can translate into increased sales for your company, enhanced imaging/branding, and enhanced customer loyalty... a big payback for minimal investment.

Build Booth Traffic
Resulting in Increased Sales. Sponsorships increase booth traffic up to 104% Center for Exhibition Industry Research study.

Set Yourself Apart from the Competition
Competition is fierce in today’s market. Position your company as a market leader by showcasing your brand with the only poker consumer show in Canada.

Increase Positive Customer Relations
The CPE will be a "Can't miss event!" for all poker enthusiasts in the GTA. Capitalize on this excitement by sponsoring the CPE and gaining the positive exposure your company is sure to receive from existing and potential customers or services at Canadian Poker Expo.

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